Lead Like a Pro: Essential Courses for Recruitment Leaders

Build high-performing recruitment teams & drive agency success with NL Academy's leadership courses. Master essential skills, inspire & empower your team, become a transformational leader. Enroll now & unlock your leadership potential!

Building Your Empire

For a long time, the concept of growth has been derived from people trying to locate another "full desk recruiter exactly like me." Finding someone else who is as motivated, ambitious, and committed as you are can be extremely difficult. We need a new approach for building our business - this session will focus on developing new thinking and action steps for building our empires. 6 modules, 6-hour program.

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Lessons Learned - The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

In The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Patrick Lencioni outlines a model for better diagnosing the five dysfunctions and provides exercises and techniques to improve those dysfunctions. This course includes tools for team course correction, solutions designed for owners, managers, and team leaders, and ideas relevant to anyone aspiring to be in a leadership role. 1-hour module.

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What Great Managers Really Do!

This course is designed to help producers, team leaders and billing managers increase their effectiveness as managers, coaches, and leaders. It will also contrast the traits of a big biller versus those of an effective manager, how proficiency in one does not constitute success in the other and how the lack of that realization can quickly create an environment of frustration, low productivity, and costly turnover. 45-minute module.

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Owner Therapy Webinars

These Owner Therapy webinar recording topics are sessions focused on growing your firm. Each Owner Therapy Session covers a specific subject that resonates with search firm owners, no matter the size of your firm or the tenure of your organization. This offering includes 20+ recordings.


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