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Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Emotional Intelligence is intended to provide you with tools and trust-based behaviors to help you become more aware of yourself and others on your team. The end result is increased team buy-in, increased accountability, and a better understanding of not just important work, but important people doing important work. 1 hour module.                                                                                                 

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The Runaround Dilemma "What Are Your Priorities Now?

We've become a "skim" society. We think, talk, and read quickly. It's crucial that we take our time and focus on the important things rather than simply completing the urgent ones. We frequently find ourselves in a situation known as "The Runaround Dilemma". This course discusses how to prioritize tasks effectively, where to focus time and efforts to achieve objectives and more. 30-minute module.

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Candidate Sourcing Mastery

This course is designed to help you understand the concepts involved in creating and executing a comprehensive search strategy and ongoing development and complete use of your database. It outlines for the participant all the details of creating a passive search strategy – job postings, email blasts, LinkedIn messages, and an active search strategy – building call lists and text messaging strategy. It concludes with a detailed look at Database Management, from the setup of your database to data management to the effective use of data in a search strategy. 5-module, 5-hour program.                        

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What Are They Thinking? Get Inside Your Clients Head

Your prospect is judging you from the moment you connect. There is no way to know where you are in your sales process unless you know where the client or prospect is in their decision process. This course discusses how you are perceived and how that perception is directly related to your ability to engage at each stage of the client decision process. 45-minute module.



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That's a Great Question! Ask Differently

The cornerstone of our skill is great conversation. Great discourse has four essential elements: probing, listening, responding, and alignment. This course includes a breakdown of conversation elements, an in-depth view into each of these critical competencies for establishing meaningful diagnostic communication with customers. 45-minute module.

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You Have 60 seconds! Opening the Conversation

The first few seconds of any prospective conversation determine the direction of a relationship. How you respond to this first conversation can either make or break the relationship. This course includes the five steps to open the client conversation to best practices to build long-lasting relationships. 1-hour module.

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