Master Account Management: Retain Clients & Drive Growth in Recruitment

Build thriving client relationships & drive sustainable growth! NL Academy's account management courses empower you to excel in client service, navigate challenges & cultivate long-term partnerships. Enroll now & become an exceptional account manager!

The Keys to Unlocking Cornerstone Clients Series

This course focuses on the importance of setting expectations early in the sales process, as well as the commitment to excellence mindset that allows you to live up to those expectations through interactions with new clients. Topics include laying the foundation for cornerstone clients, setting expectations, advanced fee negotiation tactics, and follow-up conversations with clients. 6 modules, 6-hour program.                                                      

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The Fab 4

Every time a candidate or client has resistance of any form, it is your moment to build a bridge of trust and value in the relationship. This is exactly why resistance is a necessary and even essential part of the sales process and should not necessarily be viewed as an obstacle; it should however, be viewed as an opportunity to influence, inform, and guide our candidates and clients when they have an incomplete or inaccurate perception about us or our services. 2 modules, 90-minute program.

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