Foundation Training: Essential Fundamentals for New Recruiters

Kickstart your recruitment journey with a solid foundation! NL Academy's fundamentals courses equip you with the essential skills & knowledge to succeed. Master recruitment basics, build strong networks & confidently launch your career. Enroll now & unlock your recruiting potential!

Foundation Training

Our 20-module SELF-PACED Foundation Training provides the essential fundamental skills required for a career in recruiting. This comprehensive educational program includes instruction on the key components of recruiting candidates, process management and marketing, delivered in twenty-two hours of streamed content. Includes access for 1 user.

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Facilitated Foundation Training

This LIVE course is a cohesive program providing foundational essentials for a career in recruiting. The set five-week curriculum with fourteen LIVE sixty-to-ninety-minute webinars and over thirty hours of streamed content is ideal for new recruiters and experienced professionals seeking formal training on search fundamentals. This course is facilitated and sold separately.

$1,495.00 USD for 6-week access
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