Master Business Development: Drive Growth & Success in Recruitment

Elevate your recruiting career & accelerate agency growth with NL Academy's business development courses. Master core sales & client development, learn strategic selling & negotiation tactics, become a power influencer. Enroll now & unlock your business potential!

Core Sales and Client Development

Recruiters are trying to improve the quality of the clients they serve, the types of assignments they work on and the fees they are collecting for the work that they do. This course focuses on best practices to advance sales and client development skills in all the core sales areas plus a comprehensive series of deliverables that will differentiate you from other search firms. 8 modules, 8-hour program.                                             

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Strategic Selling Series

Strategic Selling fortifies your ability to create and develop and build healthy, valued client relationships….it is about your ability to differentiate yourself with both the IQ and the EQ (Emotional Intelligence) essential for our business. It is the accumulation of the very best practices of sales consultants and niche specialists in the search and staffing industry. 6-module, 5-hour Series

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The Ultimate Recruiter Negotiation Series

Despite the fact that each of us may have a distinct market focus and niche, we all have something crucial in common; we are all working to increase our influence in our market, gain the trust and legitimacy of both clients and candidates, and be seen as much more than just another vendor or recruiter. 4 modules, 3-hour program.                                                                                 

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Become the Influencer - Developing Power in the Relationship

The ability to influence the actions of others is at the heart of the staffing and recruiting industry. You'll learn The 7 Essential Sources of Power in order to shift your client and candidate relationships from a competitive posture to a cooperative interaction, to ultimately a collaborative relationship. 45-minute module. 

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