Master the Art of Recruiting: Comprehensive Training

Equip yourself with all the skills you need to succeed in recruitment! NL Academy's training covers the entire process, from attracting top talent to closing successful deals. Enroll now & become a recruiting pro!

Enhanced Recruiter Training

This program hosted by Greg Doersching and Erin Bent is designed for those people who are past the foundation level of training and are ready to enhance their knowledge, tactics, and techniques on the recruiting side of the desk.  The series will cover everything from advance planning strategies to leaving voicemails, from recruiting conversations to in-depth qualifying, from interview preps to dealing with counteroffers and everything in between.  This is one of the most comprehensive advanced recruiting programs available today. 10 modules, 10-hour program.


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Overcoming Objections?

There's Nothing to Overcome

Making decisions in business often involves dealing with resistance, and how you handle resistance will set you apart from other recruiters in the market. People desire to be heard and addressed in a sincere and genuine manner. This course addresses candidate or client resistance of any kind, and your opportunity to strengthen the relationship. 30-minute module.



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